What's "Pan Ani"?

Fly the animals to Kokopelli's march!

this is the shooting puzzle game with cute animals.
all 50 stage is arcade mode! there are unique gimmicks and traps.

How to Play

Connect more 3 animals in the kokopelli's march.

Gimmicks & Traps

When you success to blow with using gimmicks, you can get higher score. but your animals touched at traps, they takes you points.


Keeping blowing animals will gives you more scores. also more animals blows at the same time, more points you can get.

Hold space

You can hold an animal at the bottom right fence area.

bonus Stage

It's a special stage that is not only swiping, but keep tapping and scrubing at the screen.

Gimmicks and Traps


This is a trap! The animal is fallen in the hole when it touches there.


When the animals hits them, it flies away to another angle randomly.

Warp hole

When the animal goes into the hole, it'll go out to another one.


This is a trap!
The Animals will be burnt when they touch it.


They are impassable. When the animals hit at them, they'll stop moving.


It makes animal's speed slow when they are on it.

Here's Download!